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Canon EOS T4i not powering on

Hi all - 

Hope all is well with every one. Pretty much like the title states. My camera is not powring on. I have charged both batteries and the camera will not power up. Any advice?




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Re: Canon EOS T4i not powering on

You need to get a known good battery and try it.  If you have a friend with a camera that uses the same battery see if your powers up that camera.

Otherwise find a good repair shop or call Canon Support.

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Re: Canon EOS T4i not powering on

It's also possible that the battery charger isn't working correctly, isn't actually charging the batteries.


Note: You might have already thought of this... But be sure you are inserting the batteries in the charger correctly. Also double check the outlet where you plug in the charger is working properly.


Ideally, do you have a friend who shoots with Canon and has batteries and chargers you might try?


Or, you could take the camera to a local store that sells Canon and see if they'll lend you a known-good battery to try in your camera... for a quick test. Or maybe they'll let you try your batteries in one of their cameras. This could help narrow down where the problem is.


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Re: Canon EOS T4i not powering on

Make sure the battery compartment door is completely shut too.  Camera won't turn on if it's not.

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Re: Canon EOS T4i not powering on

Also the memory card door must be completely closed.


The camera has a micro-switch on the battery door and on the memory card door.  If either door is not completely closed so the switch can engage (or if the tab that engages the switch is broken/damaged) then the camera will not power on.



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Re: Canon EOS T4i not powering on

Most people use their cameras a total of 20 times over three or four years.  That is NO EXCUSE for a camera to stop working.


I had this exact same power-off problem in my Canon T4i purchased three years ago... used 10 times by my daughter.

I took the camera to Sanford Camera Repair in Arlington, MA.  They chared 210 dollars to repair the "DC to DC power circuit board".   Obviously many people are having this problem.


Got the camera back, used it once, now having the EXACT same problem again.  Just now brought the camera back to the repair shop.  I guarantee it will be this board again.  Are these boards made in China or something ??

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