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Canon EOS 1300D Problem

I recently turned on my camera, which I've had for approximately 4 months, and it's been acting quite strange. 
I reattached the lens, turned it on, and tried to focus. Instead of the defocus being a blur it's turned into two partial blurry images. I tried taking a photo, and it isn't taking one. No error, just not getting any of the signals. When I tried to see if the video mode was working, it started clicking and shut off. It is turning back on, but still won't defocus properly or take photographs.
Is there anything I can do or is this a manufacturing issue?

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Re: Canon EOS 1300D Problem

"...still won't defocus properly ..."


What is that?   Smiley Frustrated      You need to call Canon 1 (800) 652-2666

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Re: Canon EOS 1300D Problem

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@tonystang2727 wrote:

............................... Instead of the defocus being a blur it's turned into two partial blurry images. ..........................

If you are seeing 2 blurry images, I bet you have a problem with the main relfex mirror or sub mirror being broken or out of alignment.  If there is a problem, it will need a trip to a Canon Service Center for repair. 


Take the lens off and you should see the main mirror sitting at roughly a 45 degree angle like in this photo below.




The main mirror is for the optical viewfinder. The sub mirror is hidden behind the main mirrror, and is used for Auto Focus. They both swing up out of the way as the photo is taken. With the lens off, try activating the shutter or engaging LiveView or Video Mode to see them swing up. 


Here is a quick video I made to show you how the mirror swings up:





If you are very carefull, you can gently lift the main mirror with your finger or small tool, and see the sub mirror below the main mirror swing up to follow the main mirror as you lift it.  





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