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Canon 760D won't turn on



Recently, and practicly out of nowhere, my faithful Canon 760 camera decided to remain off and nothing seems to help. I haven't found any helpful information regarding the problem beside of some vague mentions of a burnt fuse and an uncooparatice microswitch beside the battery. 


So, I turn to you for help. Thanks in advance, David. 

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Re: Canon 760D won't turn on

There is another micro-switch on the battery door, in addition to the battery compartment.  Make sure the rubber thing on the viewfinder is properly seated, too.  

Make sure the battery is charged.  Remove any lens.  Remove the card, and try to power it on.  If it still fallen to power up and you have a genuine Canon battery, then your camera needs service.  You would need to contact Canon Support.


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Re: Canon 760D won't turn on

"I turn to you for help."


You need to turn to Canon support 1 (800) 652-2666  Smiley Happy

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