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Canon 550D

Hi, I have been invited to a charity event as their photographer. I want people to have photos instantly are there any devices that I can use? Thanks
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Re: Canon 550D

Do you mean just see or have a physical print? Define "instantly" in your context.


You could take a break every few minutes and download to a tablet or laptop.


You could purchase an Eye-Fi card and wirelessly transfer to a laptop or tablet.


There are some inexpensive 4x6 printers you could use to connect camera to and make prints.



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Re: Canon 550D

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There would be several ways to do this.  I have done it before at certain events. PictBridge printers can be had for around $60 bucks. They are wi-fi but I strongly recommend using the USB.


I believe your Rebel has a video output. Get a LCD monitor.


Tether your Rebel to a laptop or LCD monitor.  If you have Lightroom or EOSU, this is simple but there are even freeware programs to do it.  Again use the USB.  It is far better.


BTW, if you get to far from these, you may need a powered USB cable.  They can be quite long.

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Re: Canon 550D

Apologies i was not very clear, I did infact mean physical prints.

I already own a printer which prints 500 pictures from one role.

The Eye-Fi card is the best solution as all money is being donated to charity I didn't want to slept a hefty amount for them to reimburse me for. But this card I can use for my personal business as well so I will be happy buying the Eye-Fi mobi pro. Thank you very much.
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