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Canon 100D/SL1 Battery Issue

Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for your help.

So, my SL1 is not holding a charge. I charge up my battery and put it into the camera, but even when the battery is full, the camera shuts off after a minute or two. It says to change the battery pack. I have checked and made sure that the battery isn't faulty by taking it to a battery testing store, and they said that the battery is in perfect condition. Why isn't my camera holding a charge? Keep in mind I bought this as a used camera, however it does have a warranty. I am reluctant to return it and get a new one because I got it off eBay and returning things is a pain.

Thanks for the responses!
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Re: Canon 100D/SL1 Battery Issue

Return it.  And, write a note to yourself, don't buy stuff on eBay.


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Re: Canon 100D/SL1 Battery Issue

Did the camera come with the Original Canon battery and charger or third party aftermarket pieces? Was this purchased as a new or used camera?

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