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Cannot view pictures

When i take pictures with my Rebel T3 and later open to view, i receive complain that " cannot play back'. when connected to system, it says photo corrupted or damaged. Is that my memory card is not good or the camera is faulty? do i need to set my camera? Please help as this is frustrating my dream.





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Re: Cannot view pictures

Not quite sure I understand the situation so I'll go through this the way I would here at home.

Have you formatted the memory card in the camera? If not do that & take a few photos. Can you see them AS they are recorded to the card AND can you play them back AFTER that? If you can the card should be OK but if you can't it may be a bad card. Do you have another card to try? If so repeat the above.


One word of caution re the card not recoeding the images. Are you using a card that's recommended as acceptable or one of the newer styles invented after the camera was designed. Your camera won't recognize some of the cards now being sold so that might be the issue but the card may still be perfectly usable in newer devices. Your camera probably recognizes SD & SDHC and only those styles of cards.


Back to the testing. If it records to the card & plays back on the camera but you can't download it to your computer it's either a software install issue on your computer or bad cable etc & you can bypass all of that by using a memory card reader which is the simple way to avoid many headaches.


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Re: Cannot view pictures

Thanks, your contribution help me a lot. i will try all you suggested and get back to you.

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