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Cannot disable Auto rotate



i take astronomical images with my Canon EOS 700D and I cannot disable auto rotate. It is completely disabled

in the menu. When I take an image normal horizontally 0° degree than the raw file gives dimensions of



If I turn the camera 90° to vertical the raw image give dimensions of



I want always 5208x3476, no matter how the camera is rotated...

Cant this behavior be disabled?

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Re: Cannot disable Auto rotate

I don't understand exactly what you are saying.


The Auto rotate option controls how an image is displayed on the camera LCD or a computer. The normal orientation of a computer dispaly or the camera is landscape. In this mode a portrait oriented image would be rotated to the top of the portrait image is pointing up. But, since the screen is landscape the image is shrunken to fit the screen.


Auto rotate off lets you defeat that behavior so the image is larger on the screen, even if it is not oriented as it was taken.


The pixel size of the image doesn't change.





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Re: Cannot disable Auto rotate

I just found out different programs under linux display width/hight pixel count different. For me its quite irrelevant

how the image is displayed on different screens, in astronomy I need consistency in image aquisition and I have to know how converters interpret the canon raws.

You're right when you say the pixelcount doesnt change but thats not the matter. Canon seems to (ex)-change the raw width/hight depending on what the rotation sensor reports or at least it seems to store information in the metadata somewhere even if auto rotate is disabled


I now found a way to keep widht/hight consistent with dcraw conversion and the use of the "-t" flag to not rotate at all.

Anyway thanks for your effort Smiley Happy


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