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Cam wont go past 1/ flash

Hello, everyone! 

So, it seems like no one else has had this problem...ever. But my T3 just will not go past 1/200, and the flash isn't on! No matter what mode, it won't exceed 1/200. I've had to postpone my action shot business because of this, and Canon suggests sending it in but I'm a little scared to do that Smiley LOL

Any suggestions?

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Re: Cam wont go past 1/ flash

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1/200 is your max camera-flash sync speed.  Your flash can't operate in normal mode at a shutter speed faster than 1/200. You should have the camera in HSS (high speed sync) mode to use flash at faster than 1/200. 




Try resetting all the settings in your camera to default settings. It sounds like you have maybe turned HSS off and maybe something else on top of that.  I think the camera is in HSS by default. If the reset doesn't work look in the settings menu to be sure HSS is on. 


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Re: Cam wont go past 1/ flash

That is understandable but no flash is being used. I have reset all settings, even reset back to factory default settings, and nothing has changed :/

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Re: Cam wont go past 1/ flash

There is a small switch that senses if the camera has a flash attached.

Flash switch


It could be stuck down.

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Re: Cam wont go past 1/ flash

Hello Draybeats, 

If the sensor isn't stuck causing it to believe there is a flash attached then there are some additional troubleshooting steps we can try.  

- Anything attached or installed in the camera — memory cards, the lens, the battery, battery grips should all be removed.

- Once the lens is off let's check it using the steps below.

a) Clean the lens contacts* to restore connection with the body.

*Warning - Do not clean lens contacts on either a Canon lens or the camera body with an eraser! It's easy to rub off the gold plating on these contacts and end up with data communication problems! Our strong recommendation is to use a soft, clean, micro fiber cloth. Please do not use anything abrasive.

b) Try using a different Canon EF series lens. It doesn't have to be the same focal length as the one you were using.

c) If you are using a third party lens, we recommend discontinuing its use. There can sometimes be communication error related issues with third-party lenses. Ensuring that you're using a Canon lens eliminates that as a potential factor in the error.

If the issues seem to persist the next step would be to send the equipment to Canon for service.

You may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.

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