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I have a Canon Rebel T6.  I am interested in learning bracketing.  In the manual it shows me how to do this, however what is shows is not on my camera.  

elect [Expo.comp./AEB].
Under the [z2] tab, select
[Expo.comp./AEB], then press <0>
When I go to the 2nd tab it does not show AEB.
How can I do bracketing?
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Re: Bracketing

Which shooting mode is the top mode dial set to?

I believe that you may need to be set to one of the Creative Zones: i.e.; P, Tv, Av, M.  In fact, I suggest using P mode for all of your shooting, because it is the best mode to use learn about the camera, and exposure settings.


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Re: Bracketing

Select [Expo.comp./AEB].  Second menu tab. Set the exposure amount.
Three bracketed shots will be taken in this sequence:
Standard exposure, decreased exposure, and increased exposure.
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Re: Bracketing

Oh, BTW, I would set the rest of the T6 to Auto ISO and AWB.  Set the mode dial to P mode. Smiley Happy


Bracketing is your friend.  Make sure you try HDR, too.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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