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Blood Moon Fail

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I went out tonight to get some some pics of the Blood Moon Eclipse. It was cool to photography, however sucked. 


Nature conspired against me - 10 degrees with winds gusting to 40 MPH, and drifting clouds. It was COLD........


I used the 75 / 300 kit lens with a tripod and a remote shutter trigger, manual focus, shutter priority.Live view crushed my night vision, so I t went with the eyepiece, display turned off. My main problem was the moon at near zenith, and my tripod being about a foot shorter than I am.  I had a hard time scrunching under the tripod in screaming winds to try to pull focus. All of my pics are blurred. 


Good lesson, I guess..................I have lots to learn. 



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Re: Blood Moon Fail

I suspect you had a serious challenge with the weather conditions plus fact it's in eclipse vs being lighted. As a FYI this link is to a few other attempts & I expect it will grow. As a second FYI conditions here were full blizzard & extreme cold. No way to see any of it unfold.

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Re: Blood Moon Fail

I didn't even get to see it. Totally socked in with clouds and winter stormy weather. Oh well there is always 2023.

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