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Best Memory Card for Canon T1i?

I just bought a used Canon T1i which, unlike my old Xti, uses SD memory cards. I bought a 128gb SDXC card but when I installed it I got the error message "Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change card or format card." I then tried to format it but it wouldn't do so. In searching online, and here, I discovered that SDXC cards are apparently not compatible with this particular model but, before I spend any more money, I'd like to make sure I know what type of card is compatible...


One of the reasons I bought this camera is because I'm wanting to get into shooting video and, so, would like to use the highest capacity card I can.


So, first question; is the SDHC card compatible?


Second question; I see that Kingston and Fujifilm make a 128gb SDHC card. If the SDHC card is compatible will these high capacity ones work in this camera?


Third question; I came across the suggestion that this camera model might be capable of using SDXC cards by updating the firmware. Is this possible?


Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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Re: Best Memory Card for Canon T1i?

From the manual:


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Re: Best Memory Card for Canon T1i?

32GB is the maximum memory card size compatible with the EOS T1i.

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Re: Best Memory Card for Canon T1i?

Thank you. I completely missed that because I was looking at the section on installing and formatting the card...


But, does that mean it'll handle an 128gb SDHD? And is there a firmware update that makes the camera compatible with SDXC?

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Re: Best Memory Card for Canon T1i?

Doesn't look like there is a firmware update to do that.


You can check for firmware updates at the Canon support site.


There shouldn't be a limit on card size, but many recommend a few smaller cards vs one large one. Less harm if a card is lost, damaged or fails.

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