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Best Lens For Product Photos - EOS Rebel T3i?


I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i that I use strictly for product photography. We take photos package and unpackage pet food/treats; they come in plastic stand up pouches, overwraps and blisters. We need to make sure all the written content is legible and capture all the details when taking photos of unpacked small items. Is there any lens that I could use for both, the photos of the packaging and get all the details of the unpacked items?


I appreciate your advice!

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Re: Best Lens For Product Photos - EOS Rebel T3i?

I would recommend using the EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens, and good tripod setup.  I use my tripod to shoot macros by inverting the center column, and changing the leg lengths to tilt the center column for better light.


IMG_2520.PDN.png       IMG_2015_09_280665.png


A macro lens differs from a conventional lens in a few ways.  One, a macro lens will typically have a short minimum focus distance.  Two, a macro will also have a high value for minimum aperture.  A value as high as the f/40s is not unusual. 


The reason for the higher f/stop settings is due to the shortened depth of field that you can get when working at close distances.  I use higher f/stop values to "extend" my DOF from a quarter inch or less, to an inch or two, or more.  The tradeoff is that the narrower aperture requires more light, in order to keep the required ISO within reason.


Another difference that comes to mind is how a macro lens focuses.  A standard lens will focus on objects at a certain distance from the lens.  As you  move away from the center of the Field Of View, that focus distance remains constant, which results in a "plane of focus" that is curved. 


A macro lens focuses on a flat plane.  This is useful if you are imaging old photos, instead of scanning them.  Instead of getting good focus in the center, and having it drop off as you move toward the outer edge of the frame, a macro lens will capture the entire flat photo in perfect focus. 


Hope this helps.  That is a shot of "Juevos Rancheros", BTW.


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