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700D weird behaviour

Hello guys,


End of last year I bough a Canon 700D for my mother and recently the camera started showing some weird behaviour.

First, it stopped saving the pictures randomly. It takes a photo, does the "click" sound, even shows the image preview but the photo isn't saved in the SD Card. My mother formatted the card within the camera menu but no luck. I asked her to remove the card and insert again, just in case it was bad connection, but the problem persisted.


I decided to ask her to factory reset the camera, but the weirdest part is that the camera doesn't show the menu for the reset! All the tutorials on the internet shows 4 "wrenches" (e.g. ). But hers shows only 3 ! 

I asked her for a picture ( , i didnt know where to upload, so it's straight from google photos) 


To make it a bit harder, I live in UK and she is in Brazil, and she doesn't speak English, so I'm posting on her behalf


Has anyone seen something like this? 

Maybe the camera needs a firmware upgrade? 

Is there another way to do a factory reset apart from the missing button? 



Thanks so much for the help Smiley Happy 

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Re: 700D weird behaviour

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She is likely in A+ mode where there aren't any setting to select so the clear setting button isn't there. Have her switch to "P" mode.


Also, have her go to the first red camera display and turn off "Release shutter without card"


Its a long shot, but if that isn't switched off, and the SD card is possibly defective, she could take a photo, it would display but that's all.

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Re: 700D weird behaviour

Is she using a brand name full size SD card or a micro SD card with an adapter? The micro cards with adapters have been the source of some erratic behavior.

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Re: 700D weird behaviour

"... the camera doesn't show the menu for the reset!"


I don't have a T5i here to try but newer Rebels have a "Clear all settings" instead of a selection called "Reset".  So you won't ever see that function.

In auto mode most settings become unavailable or selectable. Do this.  Buy a brand new SD card and don't buy a cheapo bargain one.  I am not sure formatting in the camera is required but do it anyway.  Set the Rebel to P mode, ISO 100 and try it outside on a nice bright day.  If it still doesn't work, it needs repair.

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Re: 700D weird behaviour

Thanks for all answers guys

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