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Re: 18-55mm kit lens for my T3i

@ebiggs1 wrote:

"I'm still a novice in photography and I'm not ready yet to invest in some more expensive lenses."


In this case, and you are not into videos, you don't need the STM version.

The STM still has advantages.  


When using it for still photography, it's still a faster focus system with full-time manual focus override available.  That's especially nice if you're shooting action because the lens can focus on the action before the action moves to a new focus distance.  


The optics on the STM versions of these lenses are improved a bit over the non-STM version.


Lastly, the STM versions have inner-focus so the end of the lens does not physically rotate like it does on the non-STM version.  This is especially nice when using a polarizer -- you don't have to keep reaching forward to re-tune the polarization angle each time the focus is adjusted.


Tim Campbell
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Re: 18-55mm kit lens for my T3i

"The STM still has advantages."


Yes it does and it costs more. Seems like the OP is more interested in cost savings than performance. In his/her position I doubt seriously they will know the difference. Might as well save the dough until later when "real" upgrades is wanted.


IMHO, as always!

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Re: 18-55mm kit lens for my T3i

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As I pointed out earlier, there is not much difference between the used prices of an 18-55 IS or STM  lens. Even if they choose to buy new, there is only a $50 difference.          B&H Photo:  New 18-55mm prices


For $50 you get a much better lens. Even a complete novice will appreciate all the advantages that STM lenses present.


Photography is a hobby for me.  I started with an AE-1 camera and FD lenses in 1978. In 1989 I switched over to EOS cameras and have owned many different EF and EF-S lenses over the years. More recently I have been able to afford expensive Pro cameras and L lenses.


I can tell you from first hand experience that these new Canon STM lenses are wonderful and make me seriously question whether any amateur(including myself) hreally needs to spend so much on "Pro" equipment now that these "Kit" lenses have come so far. 

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Re: 18-55mm kit lens for my T3i


Thanks to all of you MikeSowsun, ebiggs1 & TCampbell for all your very informative inputs to my post. My current concern now is to have a replacement for my existing one which don't auto focus and i had a hard time getting a focus shot using MF. Due to budget limitations i don't have other recourse than to look for a use one which will suite my budget. I will look around starting from the people whom i know who might want to sell their kit lenses. EF-S 18-55mm IS STM version will be my target to look for, if i could have it, in a way i have upgraded from my existing kit lens.


Again thank you very much to all of you guys, more power to all of you!

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