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my camera (EOS Rebel T6) stopped letting me film. why?


Out of no where my EOS Rebel T6 stopped letting me film. i press the recording button and it wont film. its not stuck or anything. got it two weeks ago and a week later this issue began. i read the manual many times and everything is okay in the filming menu. so i dont know whats going on. please help Smiley Sad



Double-check that the switch is in the Movie postion.


Remove battery and switch camera on; reinstall battery.


In Menu select Clear/Reset camera settings.


If none of those work take it back; its less than a month old and you should get a replacement.

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Make sure your memory card isn't filled up, too. Re-read the cautions in the instruction manual regarding the potential for excessive heat buildup during extended use in video mode, or Live View mode.  If the image sensor begins to overheat, then the camera will basically stop operating until it has cooled.


Some vendors have 15 day return policies, while others have 30 day return policies.  In any case, it should still be under warranty with Canon.

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this happened to me too about 3 weeks ago, couldn't figure it out. I thought maybe I broke something. So I came in and reviewed ALL the settings carefully. Re-set them all, still nothing. I removed and replaced the card, and that was it. Make sure your card has enough room or it won't record, format it before you start a new recording, or just get a new one (big enough) Let us know if you get this resolved, what the problem was,ok? We all like to hear how things go....L.