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canon 7d mark ii


canon 7d mark ii I have a very difficult getting sharp focus shooting sports. My canon 6d is better at the focus. Any thoughts?  I use the focus with four points, i have tried spot all the same result.  Maybe it is me. Is there a way to test and make sure my cameras focus is ok.

Thanks for any thoughts.




Hi yes there is a way using a focus "target" tool, its basically a set of fine lines usually numbered and you take a an image and see how accurate the focus is. The tool or process is called focus alignment. It is a pain as you must be really picky and specific on how you set up the camera and the focus align tool/target, IE same height, parallel, both level and plum. I did not make this video but take a look at this. (PS I am a photography professor and have had to set this up and test several lenses/cameras over the years, for students) try this video out ok  hope this helps, also are you usung the "AI servo" for tracking the movement?


Yes i am using the aI servo.


I have discovered that my focus problem was solved.  I was always using the spot focus for basketball games and my photos were a tad blurry 80% of the time.  I switched to the 15 AF points that follow the closest person. My photos came out great.  I just had to take a short time to make sure my focus was set.  I am very Happy with the results. It seemed that everyone was telling me to use the spot focus for tac sharp pictures.  Using the AF focus solved my problem.