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Wirelessly export jpg from camera to laptop?


I figure this is the best way to get the latest information on how to do this.  I would like to select a jpg and export it to a laptop wirelessly, on location.  Currently using a 6D and 5DSR.  

Note: I do not want to download the entire card, just an image or two at a time.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jstoll,

To assist you with this for the EOS 6D we would need to know what operating system is on your computer. To import photos through wifi on the EOS 6D it would use EOS Utility 2 and that software is not compatible with some newer operating systems.

For the EOS 5DS R you can use the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7 to connect the camera and computer through wifi. Then you can use EOS Utility 3 to import your photos. Photos can be imported through EOS Utility 3 as you are taking them. If you need the EOS Utility 3 software it is available HERE under the Drivers and Downloads tab.

According to the manuals for EOS Utilities, 2 does not support the 6D.  3 does. Been a longtime EOS 50D and 60D user, recently got a 6D and found this out.

It would be on to a newer Mac, but not mine.  And I do not want to transfer all of them, just one at a time.  This is so an art director can then drop a jpg into a layout for placement.  Until now I have used a card reader, but recently there has been remote situations where that hasn't been possible.  I would consider a different canon body if that would be a solution


I have no experience with the 6D, but wonder if this might help you get closer to where you're trying to go.

Instead of sending images one at a time, does the 6D allow you to tag them as "favorites" or give them a Star Rating while still in the camera? If so, the BIG question then is if there is a way to send only "favorite" images, or those with a specific Star Rating?

Probably not as seamless as you'd hoped but might help to at least to get you closer to your goal.

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