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Wifi Disabled

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I've been trying to transfer the videos from my Canon EOS Rebel T7 to my computer. I had the correct USB and have it plugged in, but nothing happened. I disabled the wifi on my camera and tried to enable it again, but it won't give me the option to. Can someone help?



There is always the option to remove the memory card and use a card reader.

But, if you wish to use the EOS Utility, it can automatically startup and launch itself when you turn the camera.  Do not alter the Windows settings that control this behavior because the Canon software includes its own device driver to manage this behavior.

On some computers, especially AMD based chipsets, the USB ports seem to have a hardware issue that does not agree with Canon camera bodies.  Try all of the different USB ports on your Windows PC.  Some computers use USB port expanders on some of their ports, and only one port is native to the motherboard, which is where you want to be connected.

If push comes to shove, then uninstall all of the Canon EOS Utility apps, and reinstall them.  Again, do not change any of the Windows 10 startup settings.  If the EOS Utility still fails to launch when you turn on the camera, then you may have to go into the C:Programs folder and manually start the EOS Utility.  After that initial manual start, then it should be able to launch itself.

[EDIT] if you do wish to alter the startup behavior of the EOS Utility, then right click on the Canon app icon in the system tray near the clock, and follow the menu that appears.


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I used a card reader or USB cable until, one day, I found a slot on my Dell laptop that accepts a memory card. I turn on the laptop, go to the opening screen, insert the card and wait for the beep. Then I just follow instructions. I learned this from my wife.

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I second the opinion that using WiFi to transfer images is a process you don't have to go through.  Not only do you have the connectivity issues you obviously have, but you are going to drain the camera's battery to do the transfer, and it's slower than using a fast card reader attached to your computer.

cheers Trevor

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