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Which Canon Camera to Buy for Beginner?


Hi! This is my first Reddit post and also my first camera purchase. I really need some help with deciding what to pick. My top 3 choices that I just can't decide on is the Canon Rebel T6i, Rebel T7, or the Canon SL3. I would rather purchase just the body wether it be from Canon's site, walmart, etc.. (Bonus points if anyone knows of any trustworthy refurbished sites.) I am planning on building my lens collection, I recently bought a 50mm off of a friend and I am looking into the 75-250mm (I read in a few posts that this lens was better than the 75-300mm) So my main things that I am planning on doing with a camera is to take nature shots, every day life, photos of friends, family, pets maybe even some landscape shots. I truly don't think I would ever take videos, my main focus is photos. I am so torn between the three cameras I mentioned above, they are all in my price range and they all have great things about them but I wanted to know which camera might be best for me since I am only a beginner. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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I personally would go with the SL3, but that's just my own opinion.

There's a web site called Camera Decision that let's you compare two cameras side by side in terms of specifications and features, etc.

You might take a look in helping you to  make your decision.

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Brand new and first camera buy in this type of gear, I would not buy a dead end DSLR. You need to be looking in the R series cameras and lenses. Mirrorless is the future in photography not DSLR like Canon Rebel T6i, Rebel T7, or the Canon SL3. That said the EF/EF-S lineup will be viable for quite some time yet but know there will be no new additions or even service at some point by Canon.

The R and RP are the least expensive mirrorless cameras but probably twice the price of a Canon Rebel T6i, Rebel T7, or the Canon SL3. If old tech works for you then go for it but I would seriously consider the R series for a person that seems to have the goals you stated. A future!

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"Canon Rebel T6i, Rebel T7, or the Canon SL3"

Since cost may be a factor here is my personal feelings............

I doubt you will find a new Rebel T6i so are you looking used? It is a seven year old model. It may be out of service life before you start. The Rebel T7 is a very basic entry level camera.

The SL3 is the best choice you listed but for me it is too small. Physically too small. Bigger lenses seem to overwhelm it in my opinion.

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I have a T7 which serves me quite well. I am a writer and photographer, so far, have no problem with submitting photos. I also have DPP4 and PSE 2021 to edit as needed. I look at emails from Canon on the new models. I can't justify spending the money for them.

Research the different models within your budget. Buying a camera is like buying a car with so many choices. Good luck.



"I have a T7 which serves me quite well."


I agree it will fit the needs of most people. Beginners wanting an entry level basic camera. That is it's market. It would/will never stand the rigors of a professional's life for long. I used Rebels for my second shooters for years but I also bought five or six of them in that same time period. The big concern here bedsides cost is, DSLR is going away. Mirrorless is the future. So staring out if a person has long time goals R series is the way to go. But then any camera is better than no camera so you have to do what you have to do.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!