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When will canon fix the focus issues with the 70D?


I was "T.H.I.S." close to buying the 70D.  I have read WAYYY too many posts about issues with the focusing on the 70D.  How is Canon handling the issue?  I would love to buy this camera, but not willing to gamble with that much money.

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Well having bought my 70D on Monday I can confirm the focus problem hasn't been sorted out yet. 


Oh how I wish I'd found all the threads before handing over my £1,070. The old 600D was a great camera, the first time I go to use the 70D and I'm getting out of focus images. It all seems to be a bit random in terms of when images will and won't be in focus but having spoken to Canon I quickly took 4 pictures with the camera on a tripod and the one using the 9 centre spots was way out. The one using a single centre spot was fine, although this afternoon when shooting some cars that method produced out of focus images. 




Everything looks ok in the viewfinder but when you download them to use you find they are no good !


Really really disappointed and I'm a big Canon fan. Loads of lenses including some L glass, even have their stabilised binoculars !  By the look of things not all cameras are affected because you don't need to run any special tests or go pixel peeping to see the focus problem when it's there.


At this point I would have to suggest people avoid buying a Canon 70D for the moment until they sort out the problem.


edited to say that the photos were taken on a tripod with the 18-135mm lens which came with the camera. I do have a 50mm f1.5 lens but haven't used it on the 70D.

I will add a few tidbits. I have found that you can throw away f5.6 or larger.  I have to use f8 or smaller to get any depth at all to the image regardless of lens or distance.  I expected to loose a stop or so but not as much as I seem to loose. When my unit was returned from canon it was much better but still not what I had hoped for. I use multiple focus points with my 5d without issue but not with the 70d. For some reason the camera can't handle more than a single point and remain sharp.  I can work with the camera but it is not very flexable. I have found myself still relying on the old 5d, still using the 10d for backup, and the 70d still hasn't found a roll I am comfortable with. Even with video my old sony works better. I am hoping canon comes up with some sort of a trade in program soon.

I think there is some issue with this camera. As I said before, from my practical use, I could see obvious issue. I will try tye MFA to if it improves. But I think if it is some other underlying issue, Canon should fix it. I explained to the Canon support how I tested and told them the issue. They felt there is some problem and have asked me to send it to them. Has anybody seen a solid proof from the people who say there is no problem. If somebody can post side by side comparison of VF/LV pictures, that will be helpful. I have only heard some people saying there is no issue with theirs and that this is a great camera etc etc...people feel there is no issue with the kit lens at least. Here is a comparison with the kit lens. Both shot with the tripod, mirror lock up and 2s timer. What a difference...Pic thru the VF is crap. Both are at 150% and cropped...

Official - there is no problem according to Canon.


"In response to your enquiry regarding the focus on your EOS 70D, we kindly advise you to read the information below.

This is not a known issue as far as Canon is concerned."


There then followed a lengthy pre-made ramble about micro adjustment (not sure how micro adjustment solves the problem of group AF failure compared to 1pt centre AF success), returning the 2 day old camera to a service centre which presumably results in it being returned "no fault found" sent again a couple of times until your new camera becomes a "refurbished" camera. Or going back to where I bought it from and getting them to give me a new one.



I suggested they google Canon 70D focus problem and then tell me there isn't a problem.


To be fair having done some research it seems the 1pt centre sensor works in a different way to the group AF sensors so that might explain the out of focus group result. A shame Canon don't know their cameras.

No wait - there's more !


Following on from another email to Canon it transpires the person who said there was no known issues and who offered a series of helpful suggestions wasn't a "product specialist". I am to await contact from a product specialist within the next 5 days.


So there you go kids. If copying the pictures and making Pizzas at Pizza Hut is getting you down change uniforms and work for Canon customer serivces. Computer say sent email number 7. Next customer please.



Henry 🙂

For now, I am forced to think that all 70Ds are having this problem. Otherwise many people who claim that this is a crazy sharp camera should post side by side pics taken using LV vs VF. Until now I was thinking mine did not have a problem and finally decided to check it. Yesterday had checked pics indoors closely and today decided to check pics taken outdoor...and found the exact problem with VF. Got the copy/paste reply from Canon tech support in mail that they have never heard of this issue and are happy to check it out.



All 70Ds do not have problems. Not even a significant minority of them, or the amount of flak Canon is getting would be massively more than we're actally seeing.


Ans - sorry, kkgiyer - mine is "crazy sharp": at any aperture, at any distance, with static subjects and moving, in any light. But I have zero interest in proving that to you, I'm afraid.



I am thinking that the vast majority have not tested this closely with a side by side comparison of pictures taken under similar conditions (LV/VF). There are many people who buy DSLRs even without knowing how to use it. Then there will be several people who do not know how to test it or just do not want to test it and think that theirs might not have a problem. Then there might be many who know that they are helplessly stuck with this camera knowing how Canon would respond and waiting for a solution. Also, there will be many who just don't care and sell it off for a loss or are ok to use it as a paperweight...;-)


Unless you are the engineer who designed this camera and trying to save your job by posting such comments in disguise and confusing people, please come forward and help others who are having this problem. If you are serious about helping, that's how you can contribute. How much time of yours will be gone in doing what I said? Who knows may be you will find out that yours actually has the problem upon close inspection. As I said I was thinking mine was ok until a pro-friend started looking at my pics and started saying - isn't this a little off...isn't that a little softer here etc etc...


Actually this is a forum for people who have this problem trying to find a solution. And we know there are several owners out their who think theirs is sharp. If you cannot help us in a positive way, please do not waste your time and ours.

@70Downer wrote:

Also the DOF is not paper thin at 30 feet.

It's thin enough: just yesterday I was shooting a bird at about that distance at f/2.8: I'd focused on its "shoulder" rather than on its eye, and at that distance, the "missed" focus was enough to give me a picture of a sharp body and OOF head.

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