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When will EOS M50 Mark II re-establish Bluetooth connection to iPhone automatically?

Rising Star
Rising Star

I have an EOS M50 Mark II and an iPhone XR with the Camera Connect app, which I like to use both for supplying location data to the camera as well as occasionally remotely operating the shutter. The problem I'm having, however, is that sometimes when I turn the camera on it will automatically re-establish a connection to the Camera Connect app, while other times it won't. Worse, the situations where it will or won't automatically reconnect are (so far) unpredictable. What I am fairly confident of is that if the Camera Connect app is not running on the phone, the camera won't connect to it. Also, if I turn the camera on out of the Bluetooth range of the phone, it won't connect, either, obviously. Beyond that, I cannot predict whether the camera will connect to the app or not. Usually, but not always, if I turn the camera on near enough to the phone for a Bluetooth connection and I haven't shut down the Camera Connect app since I last used it, the connection will be automatically established. Even if I had turned the camera on out of Bluetooth range of the phone in the meantime, it will often automatically re-establish a connection if I turn it off and then back on within Bluetooth range. But so far I have not been able to identify a pattern with the instances where the connection won't automatically re-establish. And in some cases, the camera/app seem to stubbornly refuse to talk to each other. For instance, today I noticed that the camera wasn't getting location data from the phone. So I turned the camera off, brought it near the phone and turned it back on. It wouldn't connect. So I went into the Camera Connect app on the phone (which had not been shut down) and gave it a few moments to recognize the camera. Still no connection. I finally had to shut down Camera Connect and restart it, at which point they finally connected. It would be really nice to have some idea when I need to take extra steps to get the camera and the app to connect. (It would be doubly nice if they always reconnected when the physical conditions support it and Camera Connect has not been shut down, but that seems almost too much to hope for at this point.) If anyone has any more insight into this issue I would appreciate hearing what you know. Thank you.

Kevin Rahe
EOS M50 Mark II

Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings, krahe

I'm sorry to hear that you are having connection issues between your EOS M50 Mark II and your phone. For the Bluetooth to automatically connect, we recommend to open the app first and have it running prior to powering on the camera. I understand you are aware of the distance range for Bluetooth connections to where it does not provide a wide area of coverage and it's recommended for devices to be within close proximity to each other.

In some cases, other nearby wireless devices may interfere with the wireless connection between the camera and phone. This may be unpredictable and could be one factor on why the camera and phone may sometimes have trouble connecting to each other.

If the camera is unable to automatically connect then we do recommend to follow the steps you've been following on closing the Canon Camera Connect app and restarting it as well as powering off the camera and powering it back on.

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