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What is the (Video) Dynamic Range for Canon T6i ?


What is the (Video) Dynamic Range for Canon T6i????! Is it 12 stops? I'm talking about Video not photos. I know cinema cameras have 13-14 stops. What does the T6i have?!!?!?!?!



Whatever the codec allows. It has no RAW file output.


If you mean via HDMI, I don't know.

Its MVI mp4. I have cinestyle on there to shoot a little flatter.....But I'm talking about the video dynamic range.

Which depends on the codec probably 8 bits for H.264.


For example, even though the RAW dynamic range is 14 bits, if you save as a JPEG it compresses it to 8 bits.

But how can you tell with video? Example, An Arri Alexa usually have a 13-14 stop dynamic range. So what would this be?

It is probably the RAW HDMI range.

I don't understand what you're saying. Well I don't follow sorry lol.

For example, you can get a PIX-E5 HDMI recorder that has a 12 bit range.


I don't know the native dynamic range of the T6i, but given it is an entry level Rebel, it probably isn't as good as other Canon models.

Ah. I see. Well if you could give it a good guess, what dynamic range would you say the T6i has.

I don't understand why people want to use a DSLR as a movie camera. Yes, you can do it and even get a good video. That is not what it was designed for though.


As for dynamic range, I'll assume you are referring to the audio. The T6i has a built in mic and a jack for an external mic; both record in mono. Thus, the DR is going to be crap. It will work for short home movies where quality is secondary and, well, they don't give awards for them.


If you need something with a better DR then I suggest you use a sound board and external mics and then record the sound and video straight to a computer. Or, better still, rent a video camera that has what you need. 


Sorry we can't be more specific.