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Wanting to upgrade canon rebel eos t5i


Hi!  I’m need suggestions and help. I’m wanting to upgrade my old t5i. I have a new grandbaby coming in less than 2 weeks and I’ve drug my feet on this. My camera is just not producing the crisp images I want. I’ve owned 2 other canons including a rebel film. I would still consider myself amateur because I tend to lean on the auto too much. But I’ve taken quality photos for over 20 years.  I’d like to work on this with grandkids on the way. I take great photos of family and that is primarily what I want it for. I was told by a friend to try the mirrorless canon R. I was suggested by another friend that Sony might provide more of what I want. I just want good pictures and video of family. 

Is it worth it to go ahead and do mirrorless for my needs?  If so which one?  Is shooting auto going to produce quality images until I can learn?  I wear glasses most of the time. Is it hard to use these since I will be wearing them?  That’s something new since I really last used my camera!  So give me your suggestions for a good camera that will allow me to grow but give me quality pics today. I almost hate not to mirrorless since that is where technology is going. Budget 1000 to 3500. I am assuming I’ll have to update my lenses as well. I want to be able to shoot every day shots but also catch those kids playing soccer. Thanks for any recommendations!  


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What lenses do you already own?

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What lens or lenses do your currently own?

You mention your images are not crisp.  If you can post some examples, that would help.  Having said that, my guess is one of two common issues:

1. You're capturing photos indoor where lighting is not the best.  Here, you could be at the limits of your camera and lens combination in that either the shutter speed would be low and/or ISO too high.  With slower shutter speeds, any movement by you or your subjects will lead to blur.

2. You're using wide apertures and thus what is actually in focus is minimized.  And, if you don't get things focused correctly on your subject, they would end up being a bit blurry.

Note that for the first issue, while moving to a new R-series camera will have better ISO performance (for less noisy images), if you end up with a very similar kit lens and attempt to shoot in poor light, you'll still end up with slower shutter speeds and/or higher ISO values.

If you can, do indoor shots in well-lit areas.  Especially near windows with lots of sunlight coming in.  Here, you can increase the shutter speed.  Or narrow the aperture.  As well as lower ISO.  So you'll be able to freeze motion better, have more wiggle room with depth of field and have less noisy images.

Having said all that, depending upon what lens you already have, moving to a higher quality lens with wider apertures can definitely help.  Though you'd still need to have solid technique in order to maximize its capabilities.

A potential camera I could recommend would be an EOS R8 with 24-105mm f/4 L.  This combo would run $2,800.  You could then add an RF 50mm f/1.8 for an additional $200.  This lens is not a zoom lens, but in cases where light is quite sparse, it can really help out.  Though, with wider apertures, depth of field becomes narrower and thus more of a challenge to get your subject in focus.


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Thanks so much for the advice. Sorry for the delay. Been so busy. 

I currently have what came with camera which is the EFS 18-135 mm.  But I also sometimes use an old 18-300 (been so long since I’ve taken photos I can’t find it). I’ve taken thousands with this camera and what is making me want to do something different is the issue of trying to focus it even in a well lit area at times. (Outside). Is this a lens issue?  Should I consider just upgrading for now to a good lens. And what would you recommend?  I need something in a week when this baby is coming. I’ve never had issues taking photos with my camera so I thought maybe it meant it was just dated. But the more I I have read maybe it’s just my lens. I’m trying go figure out how to upload some pics. Since I don’t have kids at home I haven’t taken any in a while. 



 I just uploaded several snap shots of family. When I preview these they are very blurry compared to my originals. Not sure why. But I was just wanting to show how indoor the eyes aren’t crisp etc. Not sure you tell anything since these aren’t what mine looks like on my phone. Any advice would be appreciated. I really have to get something bought. I live in a small town and our Best Buy isn’t great I’m headed to Dallas this weekend and wondered if anyone knows of a good place to go shop. Not sure why they uploaded so blurry. Mine aren’t this bad. 

"I just uploaded several snap shots of family. When I preview these they are very blurry compared to my originals." This wouldn't be a camera problem.

The T5i is a very capable camera and is capable of taking excellent images in the conditions you are shooting in for the type of images you posted. 

I don't see anything wrong with the images you posted. Can you post some of the original files in Dropbox or One Drive so we can examine them?

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I'm in agreement with the others.  

What are you using for post production editing?  DPP?  

Your pictures look just fine.  I can see a tiny bit of noise, but only because I'm familiar with the body and your lenses.  Some of the shots were taken in less than optimal conditions but still look great.  You did a nice job!  

Lenses are the real investment in photography.  High quality lenses can help any body to be its best.  Of course all technology has limitations.  Your T5i is at the 10 yr mark.  Are your 18MP images large enough for your intended output.  Web, social media?  Are you trying to print photos to frame and hang in your home?  This might be a reason to upgrade your body. 

I like Ricky's R8 and lens suggestions.   You've got the budget.  Some of what's left can be used for memory cards and another 1-2 batteries.  If you are in general pleased with the images you get from the camera, then buying a nice lens will let the camera shine.  Technique is also a factor, but you are well on your way.  If you are going to buy a new body, it should be mirrorless.

Another very nice gift...  I opened a savings account for new additions to our family.  Put a thousand dollars in the bank and forget about it.  Give it to them when they turn 18.  It can be used towards education, downpayment on a car, a really nice camera, etc.  Whatever they want 🙂  

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According to my EXIF browser plug-in, the only shot taken with the T5i was the first one. I think it looks fine, even zoomed in on my 17" laptop.The others were taken with a Digital Rebel, iPhone XS Max (the last three), and one with no ID. I assume just to give us an idea of subject matter that the OP is interested in.

I also like the R8 kit option. This would give the OP better tracking ability when the grand kids get really active 🙂