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Upgrading dilemma-Rebel t3i to EOS 90d or RP




I currently own a Canon Rebel t3i and I want to upgrade. My lenses are all EF-S. I would love to upgrade to the new Canon EOS-RP but I can't afford new glass. I know I can get the adapters that allow the EF-S lenses to fit on the FF body, but I understand that there is a decline in quality and resolution. My other option is to forego the FF option and get the Canon EOS-90D which is APS-C CMOS sensor.  That way I can use the lenses I currently own.

So, my question is...what should I do?  Is getting the FF and using the adapter a waste of money? Am I foregoing all the other features (like higher ISO, etc)?   I don't know when I can upgrade to new lenses.

I should point out that I am an enthusiast, but won't be going the professional route as a photographer.

Thanks in advance,




@ebiggs1 wrote:

This is such an easy decision.  Buy the 90D and don't look back.  No matter what anybody says, adapters are just that adapters.  They adapt something that isn't designed to work with something else.  If nothing else it is another piece of gear you need to carry and keep track of.


Not to mention the 90D is a wonderful camera in its own right.  You will love it.

I agree with Ernie. If you're not going to buy new glass, choose a camera that's designed for the glass you have.

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Interesting video.  However in essence if a lens has somewhat poor resolution capabilities, the 90D will bring out those lens faults.  The lens will work on the 90D however.  The lens is less likely to push the limits of older bodies and the lack of resolution is less likely to be noticeable.  Seems like this is really a semantics question, what does work mean?  Now if the video mentioned the lens was so poor that it could not auto focus then I would agree that the lens would not really "work" on a 90D.


EDIT: BTW I didn't say you were a troll just that you could be due to your negative only posts.

probably my english is not so good and it sounds so negative.

i'm not negative, just pointed some little problems it has, 'cause all positive are already advertised by everyone, especially marketing departments. Seriously, in the first 2 weeks, looking for solutions, the answer was like - if you want better results (sharp and focus) invest in newer and better lenses, especially L (and desirable  mark II III,...). So if this would be the only chance one may be considering FF or mirrorless from the start, which makes sense, imo.

Anyway, the camera (90D) is really great, images are good with a lot of lenses, nice colors, video is also of a good quality, as well as it has a lot of features.

Dino, the issue is solved and the OP is happy.

No use to dwell on it.

In my view your contribution to this string was very important and frankly I wonder why nobody else had introduced this item. Among the people who are really interested in Canon it is well known that the high pixel density in the EOS 5Ds and 5DsR cause them to reveil the smallest imperfections or deviations from true focus of the lenses you use on them. Mercilessly. With the even higher pixel density of the 90D it was to be expected that the problem would at least be repeated, if not amplified. So while „all Canon EF and EFs lenses will work on the 90D”, not all of them will produce perfect or even passable results. Far from that.


So did you make a negative comment, or was it a valuble point that may save someone from an expensive disillusion?


IMHO it’s the latter, and no, I’m no troll. Just another 90D user, who did not get the results that I bought the new camera for. But comments like yours helped me to look deeper into it and eventually make it perform better than my 60D, 7D mkII and 80D ever could.


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@dino_dsd wrote:

I'm not a troll. How quickly you are stamping people. I've got a 90D, and i love it, but faced this issue with soft focus on some lenses, i was totally disappointed at first. I was searching on internet, read a lot of reviews, viewed a lot of posts on you tube. Read a lot about pixel pitch, resolution power and things like that, setting camera, disabling EOS iTR, Canon statement that some old lenses won't give a sharp image, etc. I spent a month searching and learning, and stil searching to improve my shots. But i wrote this as it may help someone. I wish i knew all this information before i bought it, as I would go and test it, see the results and after that make the decision.  You can alsow view this video about Canon Responds To 90D Lens Problems

The EOS 5Ds bodies were accused of the same thing.  The cameras capture the images that the older lenses create, revealing all of their flaws.  Most of those older lenses were made when highest resolutions were 16MP, or much less.


If you think your camera is defective, then contact Canon Support.  I have advised you and your friends to do this several times.  

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did i say it is defective here ? i just said that some lenses are not working as they should, or as one may expect. Don't you think this information might be of help for people wanting to switch/upgrade their bodies ?


"There are additional EOS R series bodies in the works. One would thank that there is an APS-C sensor camera in the future of the RF Mount."

I doubt it. They started with FF and will likely stay that way

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