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Unable to run live view and remote shooting of EOS M10 from computer




I am bewildered about my new EOS M10. Cannot do remote shooting when it is connected to a desktop computer (PC).

The PC and camera and mobile phone are connected to the same WiFi.


Via WiFi, the camera  communicates well with the mobile phone. Can do remote shooting, live view and file transfer.


Via WiFi, when trying to connect to PC, the camera is not recognized by Canon EOS Utility (neither version 3 or version 2).


Via USB cable directly to the PC, the camera is recognized by Windows (Win 7, x64): it is shown in the Control Panel, and the camera memory and files can be managed with Windows File Explorer. HOWEVER, the camera is still not fully recognized by the Canon EOS Utility. EOS Utility v3, for example, does not show an option of remote shooting on its main screen (despite appropriate configuration of the Preferences).


I have tried uninstalling the camera in Windows Device Manager (Hidden devices) and re-installing the drivers. No change.

Tried disconnecting the WiFi before connecting the USB cable. No Change.

In WiFi, Pressing the small connection button on the camera body to communicate with another device only routes me to the mobile phone, so no remote shooting from the PC via WiFi either.


A local Canon Service person tells me that the EOS M10 cannot be controlled from a PC, but the Canon M10 Manual suggests otherwise (although the manual is not very explicit on this option).


Please Help!






I have the same problem with my EOS M6 and windows10. There is a long thread on the issue, but no solution that I can see yet.


After a 3 week wait, I finally got an email from UK's Canon support:


Unfortunately, Canon EOS M range mirrorless cameras does not support remote shooting function with EOS Utility application, please refer to page 31 of EOS Utility user manual


Not sure why it took three weeks for them to tell me that, but at last I know.