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T6i not connecting to computer but says it's plugged in


So I want to connected my T6i to my computer and use the remote shooting function with the EOS Utility application.


I have the software downloaded onto my computer, and I have already disabled the Wi-fi/NFC fuction on the camera and plugged it in using the cable.


When it's plugged in, though, nothing happens. Nothing connects to my computer, and I can only see through the camera's display. But I know it's connected, because any time I press a button on my camera it says BUSY, and when I click on menu while my camera is turned on, it says "You cannot use this function while the device is plugged in" (or something along those lines).


So I don't understand why it isn't connecting to my computer.


Any help please?



What version of Mac or Windows are you runnning?  What version of th EOS Utility are you running?

Are you using the cable that came with the camera when it was new?


You should connect the camera and cable, and then turn on the camera.  It may take a bit longer for the initial connection to set itself up.  You may try manually starting the EOS Utility, and closing any other applications.  

Do not use a USB hub, or a cable longer than 6 feet, or 2 meters.  If it still does not work, contact Canon Support.

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