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T5i locks up / won't turn off


This is a brand new T5i with 18-135mm STM I got yesterday and I've been having problems with the camera locking up intermittently, but consistently, with or without an SD card in it.  


Example, with no SD card, I can turn it on in Photo mode, take a sample picture which it shows on the display, no problem, just says there's no SD card.  Now, if I place it in video mode, I notice that the camera will not auto focus.  When I try to turn it off, the display sticks for a while, the shutter won't close.  Eventually sometimes it will close and the sensor cleaning message will stay on for a long time.  I've also gotten a message several times that the lens wasn't attached, when it clearly was.


I've replaced the battery several times, reseated the lens, etc.  Still having problems.  Please help??  I'm sorely dissapointed!



Follow up to this... now the camera, when in video mode, will not auto focus and will shut off after about 20 seconds and become unresponsive.  Battery needs pulled out and replaced.  Help!

Hi darkmatter661!


Welcome to the Canon Forums and thanks for your inquiry! We want to make sure you're aware that the Forums aren't intended for immediate assistance, but for community feedback and support. If you require urgent help, please feel free to CONTACT US!


We hope this helps, and have a great day! 

Thanks, I'll contact directly.

I had the same issue and just contacted support.  Were you able to get your camera back to working order? I bought my camera around the same time you made this post but wasn't using computerized lenses so I didn't notice.  Not sure how long it's ben like that.   I really hope this is a small issue.  🙂

I had to have the body replaced entirely.  There was clearly a problem with it.  The new body works flawlessly.