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T3 Guide on viewfinder only?


Hey all, I am an event photoigrapher and often do events where the client has an overlay like attached. Typically I do my best guess on my framing but wonder if there are any guides built in to camera that I may be missing or any other advice. I always end up with a couple shots where I chopped off a top of head or something lol.




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What do you mean by “overlay attached”?  I do not think I understand the issue.  Don’t frame the original shots too tightly.  Allow yourself some room to “level the horizon”, and to crop to the size that you need.  Use an image editor to layer the final composite.

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Basically wondering if I could have a guide or "frame" on the viewfinder to help me not frame so tightly. The overlay attached is the photo I included in post. I cant edit on ther fly as once I shoot the pic, the hot folder prints. My process is automated for speed.


No, this is not supported.  Maybe in a photo booth, but not on a handheld camera.

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I would shoot in LiveView. Then you could get an LCD protector and use a sharpie to draw your own overlay.


Hello Sealilly, 

The EOS Rebel T3 does not have a method to display this type of crop or grid lines in the viewfinder.  Other cameras, like the EOS-1DX Mark II can use interchangeable focusing screens.  Some of the different types we have would be Crop Lines for 4x5 or 8x10 and Laser Matte Screens with sections.  These would help you overcome this issue, but these are not available for the EOS Rebel T3.  

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