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Refurbished EOS R6 Mark II - Happy camper here!


There were a few more-than-usual posts recently about the quality of refurbished items from Canon. Since the R6 Mark II has a really good deal refurbished right now, just wanted to put some minds at ease in case it's needed: I just got mine, and it is absolutely completely like new (for 700 less than new....). I cannot find a single trace of it having been used. Even the mount is completely scratch free. Happy camper here....



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It's nice you are providing this feedback.  Refurbished from Canon does not mean you are buying something used.  🙂 The device could have had some type of manufacturing defect.  A scuff, or a part which did not meet proper operation or tolerances, etc

  It's certainly helpful for you to relay your experience.  I have purchased so many refurbished products now that I don't remember how many I have, but all have been exceptional, and top performing with no evidence of being anything except brand new.  

I'm sure your R62, a beautiful camera by the way.👍 will be nothing but wonderful and serve you well.  I am a proponent of Carepaks and buy them on refurbished products to.  They provide absolute peace of mind for your purchase.  They do add additional costs to something which might already be considered expensive, but in the long run, I feel they are a wise investment.  Enjoy your camera!!  Please be sure to post some of your photos in the galleries for others.  


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Even with out the Care Pak you get a warranty from Canon. I would not hesitate to buy a refurb.

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Rising Star

You got a great deal at $700 off!  I tried looking for a refurb on that same camera when I bought mine around the holidays, no luck.  I was fortunate to get $500 off for their holiday sale at least.  You are going to love the R6m2... such a great camera.
I did get a refurb R8 the other week. It's just like buying a new one.

As far as the Care Pak, use your own discretion on buying one.  I know photographers who are rough on their gear, and are thankful they have it.  Personally, I have never bought any care pak, or any extended warranty, or any type of service plan on any product since 1980... and never needed one because I am careful with my stuff.  Even if I were to drop my camera in a lake, it would be less expensive to buy a new one vs. the thousands of dollars I would have spent on things like this over the decades (and not needed once).  Only you know you.  Only buy the Care Pak if it's right for you.  


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