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Rebel t5 won't turn on


So, my t5 will not turn on.  My camera is at least 4 years old I think.  No trouble up until now.  New battery from Amazon, did not turn it on.  So, yes, I suspected the battery might be at fault.  But took the camera to a highly reputable camera shop, they tried all kinds of batteries, bottom line, "it must be the motherboard".


So, what do you think?  Nothing else possible?  Go right to the motherboard??  they said don't send it to Canon, they will kill you with the cost.  they know someone in Chicago who can fix it for about $180.00-$200.00.   


I have 2 zoom lenses for this camera, would love to not have to buy more for another model Canon.


Any suggestions?  New ones around here are upwards of $400.00



You can get a working T5 or T5i for less than $200 on auction sites I saw some less than $100 if you want to stick with the T5. And that camera guy was honest and right a repair cost would be very expensive.

Sell your T5 for parts, or “as is”, and buy yourself a T5i, T6i, etc or whatever you can afford. 

Mike Sowsun


Keh Camera has an Excellent condition T5 for $149.


My experience is they are a good company and conswervative in their ratings.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic


"...can fix it for about $180.00-$200.00. "  " My camera is at least 4 years old I think."


Here is another vote for not going the repair route.  However, I say go for an upgrade like a T6i or even newer Rebel.  A more current younger camera is a better idea. The $200 bucks toward that goal helps.  Your lenses will still work on a newer Rebel.

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Thanks, I did not know the lenses would fit.