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Rebel EOS SL2 - no longer connects using WIFI after updating today - cannot transfer pics


Since Canon didn't suppy cable needed for direct connection I am now FORCED to utilize this crappy wifi connect that worked one time, now, half year later, can't get it to work at all.  Always "busy" or "Cannot find" - I just need to dump my pics off of the camera onto my laptop, an Acer Predator - same computer it previously worked with w/o issue.


The ONLY difference is that when I attempted to connect today, there were a few updates that needed to be completed.  Maybe the updates screwed up my ability to transfer pics from my camera to my computer like it did before?

I see a lot of people wanting to transfer to phone - but I simply need to unload everything take on camera to my computer and can't get it to connect at all.


Everything on my WIFI is the same, also - EVERYTHING. 


First, any ideas on how I can get a transfer cable that would fit my Canon?  I would be very please to have such a cable, but it's one of those old fashioned type where the part that fits into the camers is REALLY wide - these types aren't readily available anymore - used to have a bunch of the same sized connectors that came with my portable harddrives 8-10 years ago, but don't have any of those anymore. That size10 years ago or more used to be the standard size.  Also, the other port, this one labled USB never seen USB port that small - NEVER.  It absolutely will NOT be available in the town I live in, either, just like the other sized port option isn't either.  

Any suggestions on how to get this reconnected using the wi-fi?

Gratefully appreciate the help since I'm completely lost about this now that what previously worked no longer works.

Actually, I'm looking at this camera and I can't even find a model number on it, either! Rebel EOS SL2?  Is that enough of an identifier for readers?

Thank you so much!




The interface cable is USB-A to Mini-USB. Amazon has loads of them. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Ordered - thank you for the information, JRHoffman75!  


It would be nice to get the wifi working again, but this will do, too!





You can save images from the camera to a smartphone using the following methods.
Connecting via Bluetooth*
When you connect the camera to a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone via Bluetooth, you can establish a Wi-Fi connection by operating only the camera or the smartphone.
Note that pairing between the camera and smartphone is required to connect the camera to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
*This camera is Bluetooth 4.1 (Bluetooth low energy technology) compliant. To connect, your smartphone must be compatible with Bluetooth low energy technology.

Connecting via NFC
NFC-compatible smartphones can be connected via Wi-Fi by touching them to the camera.

Connecting with the <  > button
This camera enables you to establish a Wi-Fi connection by displaying the Wi-Fi function menu with the <  > button.
  • Before connecting to the camera, you must install the free dedicated Camera Connect app on the smartphone.
  • Make sure that the smartphone's Wi-Fi function is on.


Preparation: Installing Camera Connect on a Smartphone

To connect the camera to a smartphone, a smartphone on which Android or iOS is installed is necessary. In addition, the dedicated application Camera Connect (free of charge) must be installed on the smartphone.
  • Camera Connect can be installed from the Google Play or App Store.
  • When an NFC-compatible smartphone is touched to the camera before installing Camera Connect, the download screen of Camera Connect will be displayed on the smartphone.



  • For the operating system versions supported by Camera Connect, refer to the "Related information" section below.
  • Interface or functions of the camera and Camera Connect are subject to change for firmware update of the camera or application update of Camera Connect, Android, iOS, etc. In such a case, features of the camera or Camera Connect may differ from sample screens or operation instructions in this manual.


Step 1: Basic Camera Settings

Configure necessary settings before using the wireless LAN functions of the camera.



1. Turn on the camera.
  • Set the camera's power switch to <ON>.



2. Press the <  > button.



3. Select [Wi-Fi settings].



4. Select [Wi-Fi].



5. Select [Enable].



6. When the screen below appears, press <  >.



7. Enter the nickname. You can enter any characters between 1 to 8 characters in length.
When you finish entering characters, press the <MENU> button.
*For more information on using the keyboard, refer to "Operation Reference: Virtual Keyboard Operation".
When making Wi-Fi settings for the first time, a screen will appear for you to register a nickname for the camera (for identification).
This nickname will be displayed on the screen of target devices when connecting to other devices via Wi-Fi. Be sure to set a nickname as otherwise you cannot go to the wireless LAN settings screen.



8. When the screen below appears, select [OK], then press <  >.
To go back to the screen that was displayed when you pressed <  >, press the <MENU> button.



9. The [Wireless communication settings] screen will appear.



This concludes the explanation for basic camera settings.
Depending on the connection method, choose one of the following and proceed to:
  • Step 2-A: Connecting via Bluetooth
  • Step 2-B: Connecting via NFC
  • Step 2-C: Connecting with the Wi-Fi button
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Gosh, I thought that I was VERY CLEAR that I didn't need to know anything about transferring using CAMERA.  Mentioned seeing a lot of comments about camera - but I specifically stated, LAPTOP even giving you this information; ACER PREDATOR. 


I can't do ANYTHING with the information you sent to me.  As I've said before, this isn't in relation to a phone, and everything pertaining to the camera I've already checked REPEATEDLY.  Been through those steps and still getting NOTHING.


Please REISSUE a correct answer and please explain why I'm suddenly having so many issues after updating today.  Could it be those updates that automatically uploaded and installed?  Should I roll them back?  If so, tell me how to roll them back or delete them - I don't even know how to identify knew updates on this latest version of windows.

Or, do I possibly need to reload the information from my camera to my WIFI reception?  Or, are these errors related to the information coming from my intrenet to my computer?  I can't tell whats not connecting and I told you the two type of errors I was getting in the original message.  Also, one of them was numbered 11, along with those phrases I was getting which are mentioned in my previous email. Is the information stopping at my internet connecton or is it going through my wifi box and getting stuck attempting to connect to my computer?  knowing this would help me to be more focussed on a CORRECT solution.  

Also, do NOT MENTION PHONES.  I am strictly working on my home network which consists of my Acer Pedator Laptop which is about 1 year old and running the newest version of Windows, my wifi reception box which is Comcast/XFinity and its the newest box I believe it's an X1 (same one I was using previously, same password, same everything) and then my Rebel Cannon EOS SL2 camera.

Thank you for taking the time to correct this answer,


From YouTube.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

@jrhoffman75 wrote:
From YouTube.

Thanks for posting that link! Even though it was for a Mac computer, I managed to get my Win 10 PC connected to my SL2 via the EOS Utility. Smiley Happy

in Davie, FL
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