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R8 which shutter and why?


I am a novice. I use my camera for school age sports etc. I had overheating issues with an R8 that I had to return. The new one has been great. I am wondering if shooting using first curtain caused the overheating I experienced. I have only been shooting all electric shutter and had no heat issues. My question is this:  is there a reason I should be using the first curtain option for sports?  Is there a time when one shutter serves a better purpose?  Thanks!



Electronic shutter can cause issues with quickly moving objects, for example airplane propellers, making them looked curved.

It is called rolling shutter:

In your case, it might possibly elongate things like footballs, as the ball travels faster than the frame rate.


I have no hands-on experience shooting any of the R series cameras and my EOS 60D has only a mechanical shutter. So the OP's question seems a little confusing to me.

I tend to think of first curtain and second curtain sync, when used with a mechanical shutter, as only being of concern when shooting with a speedlight flash. It determines if the flash triggers shortly after the first curtain is fully open, or shortly before the second curtain begins to close. The function has no real effect when shooting only with constant ambient lighting. And I don't suspect it has any real impact on over-heating.

But it is my understanding that an electronic shutter, due to the scanning method it uses to record the image, also takes longer to process and load the image onto the memory card, which would produce some additional heat. And shooting at higher frame rates (fps) would magnify this issue.

It would seem to me that unless you absolutely need the higher shutter speeds and higher frame rates, and the silent operation offered by the electronic shutter, then using the mechanical shutter when possible would put much less heat stress on your camera. I'm curious to see what the experienced R-series shooters have to say about this.

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