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R5 Video Very Slow to Focus


My R5 is 5-6 seconds to focus with my rf24-70 and my rf35mm. My R7 is very fast almost instant.

I have the focus settings as fast as they can be and  but makes no difference. AF and Servo are enabled, single point focus or people tracking makes no difference. It focuses immediately with the backbutton focus pushed but in video mode, it should be focusing automatically like the R7.

Focus works it just takes for ever to get a focus even in bright light. Like I stated, the R7 kicks its ass in the same environment.

Anyone else having this issue with the R5?

I haven't used the video in a couple of firm updates but I do remember it being much faster when I bought it a year ago.



Perhaps some setting that was changed is affecting things. Try resetting the camera back to factory defaults.  See page 803 of the User Manual for details.  


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The manual states that there is a video servo focusing speed setting in the menus. See page 454:

Screenshot 2023-09-25 095839.jpg


After re-reading his post, I'd go with Ricky's suggestion, since he's said he has "the focus settings as fast as they can be".  There are pros and cons to using BBF depending on your preferences.

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