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Purchase a Canon 80D or wait until the end of the year for possible 90D?


Hi everyone,

At the moment, I am borrowing my sisters Canon EOS Kiss X3 (500D). A local store (JB Hifi) is selling the 80D for 15% off at $1300AUD. Question is, I'm not sure if I should continue borrowing my sisters camera until towards the end of the year for a possible announcement of the 90D, which is speculated to be quite a jump in hardware; or purchase the 80D?
Does any one know much about the 90D, such as when Canon (if they historically do) have a date they would likely announce a new camera on? Or any other info?

Thanks in advance!


I think that it’s too close to the holidays to announce a new model. Any announcement should’ve happened weeks ago.
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I always say buy today and start using today.  Waiting on the future products, which is uncertain at best, how many shots an fun are you missing out on? That's worth something, isn't it?

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Any camera you buy isn't likely to be the last one so as others advised, get what you want now and upgrade in the future.  The 80D will continue to do what it does, and will do it well, regardless of what comes out in the future.  The best future-proofing you can do is always buy the best glass you can afford because your selection of lenses is an important determinant in what you can achieve.  Buy great lenses now and you will continue using them as you upgrade to new camera bodies.


I still have not completely retired the 1D Mark II I purchased back in 2005 and it probably has been used for around 4,000 exposures during the past year.  In February I purchased a new 1DX Mark II but during this football season I found a great deal on a lightly used original 1DX and I use it as a second body for sports shooting.  The newer 1DX 2 has some advantages over the original 1DX, for me that is primarily a little faster low light focusing, but both get a lot of use.  Although the 1DX isn't the latest and greatest around 20% of the exposures I took at an indoor soccer game last night were using the 1DX and that number could easily have been higher but the Mark II had the 300 F2.8 lens that is most useful for this sports venue while the original was using a 70-200 2.8 for closer work.


Getting an 80D nearer the end of model life will get you a very good deal and you will likely find that it does so well that you will skip the next generation and end up with whatever replaces the 90D in a few years.





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"The 80D will continue to do what it does, and will do it well, regardless of what comes out in the future."


Amen! Smiley Happy  Buy today and use it today.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


There don’t seem to be an solid rumors about a replacement for the 80D and usually you’d hear some noise if anything was really on the horizon.  At the same time, it’s just about at the maximum number of days between model releases for that line (on average, Canon would have released a new model by now).



But I have to tell a story...


I was shooting with a T1i (Rebel T1i = 500D = Kiss X3) for years and wanted to go to full-frame ... getting a 5D II.  


The “rumors” were... new 5D III was on the horizon and would be out within 6 months.  I can wait for that.  So I did.


Six months later... nothing.   But a NEW rumor was... camera will be out in 6 months.  So I waited again.  Nothing.


This goes on for two years.


FINALLY... my other half buys me a 5D II  (knowing how much I wanted it and that I’d waited two years) ... so I get it as a birthday gift.


3 months later... they release the 5D III.  (I bought the 5D III and sold “gently” used 3 month old 5D II ... I treated the depreciation like a rental fee.)


My advice to you is... if you NEED a camera now. Buy it now.


If in 3 months Canon comes out with a 90D... sell your 80D and buy the new camera.  Yes... you’ll take a hit on the price.  But think of it as renting a camera for a few months.    I somewhat doubt Canon will release a new replacement within the next few months because I’d expect more noise in on the rumor sites and I’m not really seeing enough noise to think there’s something real.   But I’ve been wrong before.



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There's not much the 80D doesn’t do exceptionally well.  If a 90D came out today, I would have very little reason to upgrade.  


My own own technique is the greatest challenge to my photography, not my 80D.

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