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Odd T5i Behavior: SD card light flashes while camera is off


Aloha-first post here-have a question I could not find any info on regarding my old Rebel T5i. It's running the latest firmware and everything seems to work fine still, BUT, when the camera is turned OFF, and you spin the control wheel (not the mode dial), the SD card write light flashes a couple times. I have never seen this behavior on any other Canon, tried it with a couple others I have around and this is the only one that does it. Anyone else experience this or know if it could lead to a failure down the line? Mahalo

#T5i #Canon EOS T5i #700D


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Kainoa808,

The indicator light on the back of the cameras will light up any time the camera writes files to a card, reads files from the card, or does a check of the memory card. In this case the camera is likely checking the integrity of the files on the card in case you are turning it on.

As long as you aren't seeing any error messages on the camera it is most likely okay. There aren't any settings that would cause the camera to light up the indicator light like that. Typically if there was an issue with something related to the memory card or card slot you would see an error like Err70 or Err80. 



Two things come to mind:

One is that you've got a short somwhere.

The other is that you've got some kind of residual discharge from the camera's internal clock battery.

What happens if you take the main battery out while the camera is off? Do you see the same behavior?

Steve Thomas

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