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New: EOS R6 Mark II

Community Manager
Community Manager

The EOS R6 Mark II features improved resolution compared to its predecessor with a new 24.2 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor. With hybrid features for both still and video shooting such as RAW Burst Mode at up to 30 fps, 6K oversampled 4K video, and maximum movie recording time up to 6 hours, the EOS R6 Mark II allows users to Be Creative Beyond Borders. The camera will also be available with Stop Motion Animation Firmware (body only), and as lens kits with the RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM or RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM







I got this camera on the day it was released, I am super impressed by the new Mkii vs the first gen, which I got shortly after it's release and have been shooting with for over 2 years now.  After one week of owning it, I ran into an autofocusing issue with backlight in the upper 1/4 of the frame.  It seemed to lose the subject just enough that the autofocus failed.  I took it in to my local store where I purchased it, they confirmed the issue, reported it to the local Canon area representative and we sort of found a way around this issue... but it struck me odd that it would happen in "AI SERVO" only vs "ONE SHOT" or "SERVO".      So currently I am happy again!   Then today I was reading an article ( and thought WOW, if I can Assign the DOF button to the digital teleconverter "T" I would be pretty stoked (ref: Tip: Assign a shortcut to the digital teleconverter function) HOWEVER, this doesn't seem to work.  Then I thought MAYBE I just can't see it activated in the ViewFinder and it might be visible in the Live View Screen.... NOPE.  IF I go through the Menus to turn on the 1.6 cropping i.e. Teleconverter It works just fine in the Live View and ViewFinder.  If anyone here has any CLUE as to how to make the DOF button the Crop to 1.6 I would be very grateful.  Thanks!

I am passionate about capturing authentic, real, and Incredible moments, that happen in an instant, which are treasured forever. Life moves quickly, people always seem to be busy, yet a moment captured halts all and the emotions and feelings, even the laughter happens all over, Life is about the memories with great smiles.



Can you clarify the following:

the EOS R6 Mark II’s new image sensor is equipped with new sharpness processing capabilities, which further improves resolution and the rendering of details.”

Is this an improved AA filter vs the mark I, or, is there an actual shift in picture profiles? If the latter, can this be reproduced on other DIGICX equipped Canons in DPP4 by using customized thresholds?

Thanks in advance an happy new years!

that is way more technical than I know how to answer.  I'm sorry

It’s @ccananda. CUSA no longer has email support. The answer has to come from Canon Global engineering. It’s not in the KB.

I highly suspect this is new firmware and can be back ported to other DIGICX cameras much as the new AF algorithms have. It’s more a request if it can be accomplished via DPP4, now, rather than wait for a back port.

It’s a notable improvement over my R3 from the comparisons I’ve run. Really interested if this can be back ported or replicated otherwise with ease. My guess is they’d have to make it an option so it may be difficult to backport without adding new metadata handling; think how would Lightroom or DPP4 react?