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New 70D owner wanting to record video - has questions


I recently purchased a 70D due to the gratifying comments of satisfied owners of this camera and touting it's ability to shoot great video.  My question is this:  I want to shoot event video's such as HS plays, graduations, weddings, etc. and am asking if there are issues with recording at this length of time such as overheating, shutting down, etc.  I know that it has a 29:59 limit and you just need to stop and restart before that time and continue recording.  Is this a fair statement or am I in trouble if I want to record something with any length.


Thanks in advance!



No problem with heating or anything. Moving shooting will stop if you use a slow card, so get the fastest one possible.
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Thanks!  I got this card for it.

Transcend 64GB High Speed 10 UHS Flash Memory Card TS64GSDU1E (up to 45 MB/s, 300x)

I don't see a problem with your plans but performance (you ask about heat build up) is a function of ambient temperature, the length of the recording, and format. Shooting in the sunlight, a summer outdoor wedding ceremony for example, might cause heat build up problems. It's a good thing that the sensor is designed to shut off if it approaches a dangerous temperature because the alternative would be decidedly bad. 😞