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Looking to buy a new camera


I have been looking at all the cameras and have become overwhelmed.  I would like suggestions on what to purchase.  I'm tired of being limited by using my phone, and my Rebel T2i is not working as well as my phone, I'm ready for a massive upgrade.  The budget for the camera and lenses is no more than $1500.  I have experience but am not a professional I will be starting a college Photography class in a month or so and would like to get used to the features of a new camera before the class starts.  Here are the things I would like a new, mirrorless, lightweight (for hiking), not more than three years old.  The use is for taking portraits, nature, action (toddlers do not stop moving), and desert sunsets and rises I'm in Tucson, AZ.  Thank you for any suggestions that you all may have.




It would be good to identify what it is about your phone that you find limiting and what your find on your T2i that isn't working well.  Then it would be easier to make recommendations.


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Any current camera, DSLR or mirrorless, will do what you want. You said you have a T2i so a logical choice might be the Rebel T8i. The T8i with its kit lens is well under your $1500 limit allowing you some money to purchase some accessories or another lens or two. It is not a mirrorless however.

A smaller camera, the Rebel SL3, might be a better choice for hiking. Still well under $1500.

It might be tough to stay at $1500 if you must go mirrorless. It is probably a better long term choice but offers really nothing extra to a beginning photographer than a Rebel DSLR does.

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" I'm tired of being limited by using my phone, and my Rebel T2i is not working as well as my phone, I'm ready for a massive upgrade."


Hey, Kido, I hear that all the time.  The fact is, iphone cameras are very good. They are getting better all the time.  What you must keep in mind though is what do you want from your photography? The product that an iphone produces is fine as long as you keep them on your iphone or ipad or Facebook, etc. If you intend to do real photography stuff with them they tend to fall way short. There is just so much that you can get out of a 1/4" sized sensor that iphones have. Tiny sensors limit what can be gotten out of the lens, too.


You might make the analogy of comparing a car to a truck. Both will get you from  A to B as long as you don't want to go there with a load of gravel. Sure you can put some gravel in the trunk or hatchback but if you really need a load of gravel you need a truck.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!


If I remember correctly, the T2i was a pretty well built camera body.  With your budget, I would recommend buying an EOS 90D body or the Rebel T8i.  The T8i is not as well built as your T2i, but the 90D is bigger and better built.

On the mirrorless side there is the EOS RP and R10.  Either camera would require a mount adapter to use any of your current T2i lenses.  The RP is available as a body only, or with a kit lens.  The R10 is currently not available available as a body only, just  as a camera kit with a lens.

I buy all of my Canon gear either from the Canon Online Store or B&H.  

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