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List of DSLR models with Multiple Exposure option


Is there a list of various Canon DSLR models that have in-camera multiple exposure capability that exist and /or are available?

The focus is more on the beginner/intermediate models given cost factors.

Thank you!



Negative.  I am not aware of any list that identifies cameras with any given feature.

I can say that there are at least three distinct families of cameras in the Canon DSLR lineup.  They are more easily distinguished by the model numbers used outside North America  I would describe them as follows:

  • Entry Level - ####D model numbers - (Rebel T7, for example.)
  • Starter Level - ###D model numbers - (Rebel T7i, for example.)
  • Intermediate Level - ##D model numbers - (90D, for example.)
  • Advanced Level - #D model numbers - (5D, for example.)
  • Flagship Line - 1D Series

Each “camera line” shares common features, and lack certain features.

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What do you mean by "multiple exposure"? If you mean to take parts of several unrelated images and combine them (add a full moon to an image say) then that is a rare feature only on high end bodies. This is best done with external compositing software, anyway.

If you mean for the camera to take multiple exposures and combine them for HDR or shake reduction purposes, that is found on most cameras like my Rebel T6S.


Appreciate your insights

Example - In-camera multiple exposure option allows for combining a bulb time exposed image with a properly exposed normally lit image to form a single file. Some cameras have it as a standard menu option or under their retouch settings - this doesn't require the use of photo editing software later.

Thank you

The different camera families share common features.  I have not picked up a Rebel in several years.  But, I think creating double exposures, as described above by kvb, isn’t available until you climb the ladder to Intermediate Level cameras.

BTW, you must shoot JPGs, nor RAW, for the camera to combine images internally.  The process is also destructive, meaning the original shots are not preserved.  This is why it is best to combine the images in post on a computer, not in the camera.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

In the T6S, you can only combine images that the T6 takes for you. In HDR and low light low shake mode it takes three images in succession and then combines them for you.

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