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Just had a photo shoot with my new Canon t6i... My lightroom 4 will not read my RAW images ..why !!


Tried several different downloads .... cannot edit anything at all and will not even allow me to open any files... #veryfrustrated




I use open source software, but does Lightroom 4 works with new cameras? Adobe always wants customers to upgrade to latest version, so if Lightroom 4 isn´t the latest you have the answer there.

Canon's photo editor, Digital Photo Professional, has (or at least used to have) a way to hand off an edited image to Photoshop. If it does it by converting the image to TIFF or ACR, maybe Lightroom could accept it as well. Since LR wouldn't be seeing the CR2 file, its inability to grok the T6i-specific version shouldn't be an issue.

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@ericwoody wrote:

Tried several different downloads .... cannot edit anything at all and will not even allow me to open any files... #veryfrustrated


Lightroom 4 wont read your RAW files because Adobe want you to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom.


You basically have 3 options:


1 - upgrade Lightroom

2 - use Adobe DNG converter to convert you RAWs to DNGs then load those into Lightroom

3 - use Canon Digital Photo Professional for your RAW conversion, you can the output directly to JPG or to 16 bit TIFF for further editing in Lightroom.


Of these choices I would suggest you at least try using DPP 4. Canon has significantly updated the program. Clean shadow lifting can now be accomplished by changing the mid-point  on the histogram. And you can use Canon's outstanding Digital Lens Optimizer.



You need to find out which version of LR supports ACR 9 (free).   I do not know if LR 4 does but if it does that is all you need.  You may have to buy LR 5 or LR 6 to be able to use T6i RAW files in LR (and ACR 9).

If it is in your budget and plans, get LR 6.  It is a significant upgrade over 4.


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LR4 does not support T6i files. I looked it up earlier and not even LR 5 does. You need LR6.

It is a good upgrade though. I went from lr4 to lr5 and it was worth it.

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