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New Contributor
Hi all thanx 4 add

I have simple question
I have intervalometer from amazon... All settings easy but when i set for example 10pics... All works in time remote intervalometer but intervalometer not shuting off camera after every exposure shot... Keeping on till end in intervalometer all 10pics...
Any help?
I use Canon 7d mark 2
I set mirror lock up
But no matter if on or off... Same problem
Bulp mode
No matter i set 2sec timer or simple shot

Now only can use if i leave switch on in intervalometer and in camera i set for example interval 30sec now camera soing right... Shoting on and off every sec i set in camera
But intervalometer not shoting off after ever expo shot just keep open till all captures done in intervalometer.
Sorry for my eng i know is bad 😁

Welcome to the forum.


It depends on the particular intervalometer you have, but most will require that you set the camera to Bulb and select shutter speed and number of shots on the intervalomter.


Don't set mirror lockup.


Here is a typical setup instruction for most common intervalometers.


Screenshot 2021-11-09 084910.jpg



John Hoffman
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