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I have the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I am wanting a lens that will take great landscape photos.


I am looking to find a lens that will take great landscape photos.  Any recommendations?  I have the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.



All lens can take great landscapes photo. People took amazing photo with a phone. But generally, you'll need a wide angle lens. What lens do you have right now? If you're using the kit lens (18-55), is it wide enough for you? Do you want something wider? And what is your budget? The Canon 10-22mm is a good wide angle lens for landscape. There is third party alternate also which is cheaper. If you provide more information, we can help you better.
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I have the EFS 18-55mm lens and the EF 75-300mm Zoom lens.  I am wanting to take landscape photos to put on my website.  I do landscape design.  Does this help?

Oh, so you meant home design landscapes stuff. To put it on a website, your current lens line up is good. You don't need a new lens unless you run into problem with your lens. What seems to be the problem with your current gears? Is there anything specific you want to achieve? You can go out and buy better and more expensive lens, but they may not make your photos better.

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OK, thank you.  I just thought perhaps a wide angle would allow me to get more of the landscape scene in the photo but great if I don't need a different lens.

Thanks again.

Your widest lens right now is 18mm, it's not that wide on a crop sensor. Yes, there is much wider angle lens for your camera. But unless you run into the problem most of the time, you don't have to buy new lens.
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"Landscape" photos in photography usually means something a bit different.  If you're at a beautiful vista -- some place where you need to "look around" in order to take in the view, then you'd normally want a "wide angle" lens so that the lens can take in the view.


If you're taking photographs of landscape design, then you may want to consider the point of view for your photographs.  The closer you are to the ground, the less you can see the layout of the landscape.  It's sort of like being inside a maze rather than looking down onto the maze... you can't see the layout when you're down low, but if you're up high you can see everything.


Your 18-55mm lens may be all you need in terms of lenses.  You might consider the EF-S 10-22mm if you want an even wider lens to take in a broader view.  HOWEVER... you might consider finding a way to move the camera to a higher point of view for the shots.  You could do this with a camera mast, boom/jib pole or a tall step-ladder.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

OK great, thank you for your help!!!

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