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I have a conundrum - Go with the EOS 250D or the EOS 90D?


Hey guys, I'm flying to Greece in July and thought about getting the 250D, but then I saw the 90D which offers a 8.5 more megapixels, more auto-focus points and basically just more features.

Canon 250D (Body only) price here: 550 USD
Canon 90D (Body only) price here: 1170 USD

Is it worth double the price? or should I stick with the 250D?



Yes, it is worth double the price, but the key is the lens. It might be worth it to get the 250D and put the extra money to your lenses.



Is it possible for you to visit a camera store and actually hold the cameras in your hand before you go?

The 90D will have a lot more options, but it is also bigger and heavier than the 250D.

Think about what it will like carrying the two cameras around all day.

Steve Thomas



If your focus is a compact / lightweight camera SL3/250D

If you are performance oriented, the 90D kills it at every turn.  

Canon SL3 vs Canon 90D Detailed Comparison (

I went from 9AF points to 45 years ago.  The T6s was a fantastic camera and can still take great photos today.  Slowly I started shooting more and more moving subjects and over time, started to outgrow some of its capabilities.  For stills, stationary subjects and landscapes, its great.

The 90D will do all of those things too, but better.  Faster focus acquisition with enhanced low light performance.  Better battery, 9 more MPs for cropping capability, weather sealed body, etc.  Weight difference is .5lbs.  I'd spend the money for it myself.

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