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I cannot get my Rebel T6i to fire studio strobes


I am using a new T6i and Altura wireless trigger/receiver set. According to the manual it is all set up ok. But still does not fire. I've had the Dynalites out for repair thinking they might have been the culprit. But still no firing. I cannot even wire them direct to the camera using a sync cord and a compatible hot shoe - no firing. I tried different sync cables... any ideas?




Are you in manual mode? Is flash firing set to Enable?


What does Altura say?


Do you have a canon strobe to test it?

Yes to Manual mode


Yes Flash Firing is Enabled


I did not ask Altura - I will see if they have a forum or tech line - good idea


No Canon strobes...I am using a Dynalite powerpack - 




ok-  Trying to break this down into small bites, please correct me if I am wrong on any of these below:


In order to shoot with off camera strobes that are not made by Canon 


1.  I can use a pc-sync adaptor on my T6i hotshoe - Canon does not make this adaptor, it needs to be purchased from a third        party.


2. I use a wireless flash trigger set.


3. The settings on the camera need to be set to Flash Firing


4. Live View Shoot - disabled


And when I have all these things set up, it still will not fire the flash. This is my dilemna. The cords are new, the adaptor, purchased and dedicated for this Canon model, is new. What do i do next? What am I missing?





Are you in ETTL or manual flash?

I had all the settings correct. I just got off the phone with the manufacturer for Vello, the company that makes the hot shoe adaptor. Apparently the Dynalite strobes I am using are a previous generation, giving off a higher voltage of more than 6 volts.

Which causes the Vello adaptor to lock down and will not function to protect the camera.


They suggested buying a specialized product available by a company called Wein, called Sync Safe. I found it online for about $49. It is the only way to get to use the older strobes with the Canon Rebel T6i.  


So I am posting all this info to hopefully save others all the time I wasted working on this. 

Thanks for your support!



You probably killed the radio triggers, too.


I did not kill the radio triggers. (Altura trigger set)  I swapped out my Dynalite equipment for Impact Monilights.

I am happy to say that no damage was done to the radio triggers, the camera or the Vello hot shoe.


I did discover that Vello makes a $49 version of their hotshoe that has a voltage regulator inside so you can continue to use older equipment (if that is what you have) safely.  

I'm trying to sync my strobe (Menik sw-400) to my canon t6i. the strobe is 12v and the camerea takes 6v. So I bought a hot shoe safe sync to conenect the voltage going from the trobe to the camera. But I still getting message (Incompatible flast or falsh's power is turned off) . Any advise?? Please

Where do I find flash mode to set to enable? I bought strobes and have a new camera, the T6i and it's been years since I shot with strobes so I feel so clueless. I am so frustrated. My camera is second hand so no manual of course. I feel so stupid I have forgotten things and it's frustrating to watch videos on youtube when they aren't telling you fine details for your type of camera. 


Thanks 🙂  

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