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How do I enable infrared remote triggering on my Canon Rebel T5


My awesome wife bought me a complete starter kit with a Canon Rebel T5 (not a T5i) for my birthday... I'm so stoked! In the starter kit was an infrared remote that looks like this.


It says I just need to set my camera to accept remote triggering in order to use this remote. But I cannot for the life of me find it! I tried searching google but any time I type anything remotely (no pun intended) related to Canon Rebel, I get pages and pages of places to buy one and not much information at all on how to use one.


Thanks for your time!



It's under the drive settings (left button on the circle on back), look for this icon:

Thank you for your reply 🙂


I actually looked here thinking it would make sense for that option to be here, however when I go to this screen it doesn't have that option, it looks like this:



Use the 3rd option, self timer
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Ok I will try it, I was posting before I saw your reply. Thank you both for your help, I'll come back and let you know if it worked 🙂

One thing to remember, IR is mostly line of sight and the distance is not too great.

Not all cameras support IR triggering.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

I'm beginning to wonder if the T5 does support it or not. I assumed it does because the IR remote came in the kit with the camera as a bundle. However I tried for an hour last night using the setting recommended here (and some more) at various distances and I could not get it to work.


I haven't seen anything in the documentation saying that it does or does not support IR triggering. Does anyone know of a way I can find out for sure?

Ah, sorry, I didn't read closely.  Didn't realize it was a T5, not a T5i.  Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember one of the administrators pointing out that the T5 doesn't have IR in a discussion we had awhile back.  Now, why they would sell a remote in a kit with a camera that doesn't have that capabilities is odd.  I assume this was some small company bundle?

Well... that's a little disappointing. Yes it was a 3rd party bundle, not from Canon directly. But thanks so much for your help 🙂