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Exposure simulation on SL2/200D


Hi all,


I'm using a non TTL flash in manual mode on my SL2/200D and I'm really struggling with the dim display using liveview. It brightens up for a fraction of a second, but not for long enough for me to compose my shot. I understand that I may need to adjust the exposure simulation?


I'm also using manual mode on the camera, I'm happy to use another mode, but would rather stick to manual if possible. Any help would ne appreciated.





Although these cameras have a M mode it is not their best mode.  Get an ETTL-II flash. Example, the Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

So anyone with an answer to my question (rather than 'buy all new gear')? Thanks guys...


Sorry, I don't see any way to turn off exposure simulation. You could temporarily adjust the shutter or aperture to get a brighter screen and then set it back to take the image.

Thanks for that. So if I can't do anything about exposure simulation, would using a TTL flash solve the problem of a dark screen? 

I am not sure, but you *have* a TTL flash on the camera, try it.

Of course! Thanks - I just gave it a go, and the screen brightened perfectly when the flash popped open... So I'm assuming it'll do the same with a TTL external flash (hopefully!)

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