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EOS Rebel XS saying busy and won't take pictures


My camera worked fine the other day.  Now, it won't take pictures at all.  When I go to take a picture, it will act like it is focusing by flashing and such but it will never go through.  It always says busy.  I have tried all modes, and none will work not even without flash. 


I have also taken the battery out, taken the card out and reformatted it, and cleared all camera settings.  Can anyone help?  I have a newborn that I would really like to be able to capture. 🙂


Thank you ahead of time!

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So I'm having a problem with my rebel xs. First of all the screen will not come on for the love of love. No matter if I push the display botton it still stay off. Second off, the when I turn on the camera and look in the view finder it keep on saying busy. It will flash and focus but it keep saying busy no matter what mode it's on. Can someone please help me.

Fantastic link, Peter. I hope all the Rebel XS etc. users that are having problems have a look at your link.

In Digital Photo Professional or at you can check your older pictures to check what firmware you have in the camera. If it is 1.0.5 or older, then maybe Canon service centre fixes it for free.


Hello. Can you please help to solve my problem. My canon eos T1i has a problem when im capturing in a AF mode the camera says busy with the symbol of a flash. Then if i use the MF mode it works. Why is this happening to my dslr? Please help me, answer my question please. Is my dslr okay? Is my dslr will work properly again?


I'm new here. I have this Rebel T4i. It's working perfectly until yesterday. It won't take pictures in AF. Can take photos in MF but blurred. Unable to lock focus. And everytime i click on the shutter it's not working and sometimes shows 'busy' error. Can only take blurred photos in MF and in AI SERVO mode. Please help.

Take and reformat you card in the camera and see if that helps get everything working smoothly again.

If this does help, then you need to get a faster card (Class 10) to use in it all the time.

Hi. Im confuse. What dos the cars have to done with it? Tried to take photos outside early in the morning but still it won't take photos in AF and blurred in MF. Tried to remove the lens. Shutterworks but of course photo os just plain white.


Card...does that mean your camera is working now?

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