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EOS Rebel T6 vs PowerShot SX50 HS


Hi, All, I think I goofed. I had a Canon Powershot but it had only a 50X optical zoom, and I needed something with greater magnification (but still simple to use) for bird photography.


So over Black Friday (November 2018), I took advantage of all the sales on the EOS Rebel with the 135 mm zoom telephoto lens. Now, it seems the old Powershot gives me more telephoto power than the new Rebel!  To make matters worse, the Rebel T6 zoom lens does not have image stabilization which the old Powershot does have (and which I need).


Is a 50x optical zoom more powerful than a 135mm telephoto lens? 


Is there any advantage to having the Rebel T6 in addition to the Powershot SX50? Should I just try to get my money back for the EOS? Thank you for any information you can provide!





I have both the SX50HS and a new T6i. I am still learning the T6i as it is a much more versatile and complex system for me which can produce better quality photos. A 50X zoom for the T6 would probably cost a Zillion dollars! lol Which is why my SX50 will always come along with me. I did want to learn more and do more with my photography, excluding post image processing which is a whole other topic, and I enjoy the learning aspect of the T6. It is not a point and shoot but it can do that also so you won't be stuck at home behind a manual trying to figure everything out...learning curve though for sure. I am happy with the T6 but will never kick my SX50 to the curb either. The long zooms for the T6 are very expensive and I mean VERY. So you will find yourself zooming more with your feet to get closer but you will never get close to the 50X range. The SX50 focal length for optical zoom alone is 24-1200mm. Using the digital zoom it goes up to 24-4800mm. Those are considered 35mm film equivalent specs. Like I said I like my T6i but will never travel without my SX50 either.

Very helpful, thanks John!

You're very welcome!


Just FYI for those who might be curious, here is an article on the Canon EF 1200mm lens.

Canon 1200mm Lens

Great article thanks for posting it! I think, maybe I could afford the lens cap for that 36-pound monster...maybe not!

I would have to hire a team to carry the **bleep** thing! And I know I can't even afford the lens cap, it is custom made leather.


LOL!! I did a search Amazon has a used lens cap for it for $500!! Found and Opteka 650-1300mm on Amazon for $179, 23 inches long at full zoom, 4.4lbs. Probably not the best quality but at least in my price range....added to my wishlist lol

"...maybe I could afford the lens cap for that 36-pound monster..."


You would have more of a problem than just buying the lens cap even if you could afford the whole lens. Canon only made a handful of them and that was from the early 1980's.  Just finding one would be a problem. The lens that B&H has it likely the only one they have ever had in the existence of the store.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I just saw that BH has or had the Canon 1200 for sale at $180,000!!! omg! more than my house cost me!! What I thought was the lens cover for sale at $500 on Amazon was actually some kind of cammo cover for that beast