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EOS Rebel T5 to T8i?


I’m shooting with a T5 at the moment. I’m considering upgrading to the T8i but want some opinions on if it’s worth the upgrade since I’m in college and it is quite a bit of money upfront.

Also I’m potentially in search of the T8i camera (possibly just the body) I’m only price gauging right now but would consider the splurge if a good offer came along.

Thanks everyone!



You may want to instead look at either the EOS R50, or save up a bit more and go for the EOS R10.  Mirrorless is the future.   You would though need to budge for an EF to RF adapter so as to use your existing T5 lenses (assuming they are either EF-S or EF lenses) on those mirrorless bodies.


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It is a significant upgrade as far as features go.

It's the top Rebel. Highly unlikely Canon will be releasing a T9i. I think it is a worthwhile upgrade for you. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thats the quandary.  While the T8i represents a significant upgrade from the T5, mirrorless has become the industry standard and would future proof your purchase.  

John's point - The T8i is what most consider Canon's best entry level DSLR feature and performance wise.

Ricky's point - Mirrorless is the current standard.  Affordable models exists and in many ways would offer a higher return on investment over the course of its life, not to mention getting a more modern camera with enhanced features and performance.  

Your existing lenses if you have them can likely be easily adapted, especially if they are Canon brand.

Once you tell us about the lenses you currently own and establish an actual budget, we can help.  Canon also sells refurbished cameras and lenses which come with the same 1 yr warranty as new.  This might open up other options for you.

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What *doesn't* the T5 do for you that you think a T8i would address?

I currently have a T6S and if it should die - I am currently perfectly satisfied - I would look long and hard at an RXX.



I have a T8i and I like it very much.

Steve Thomas


I honestly think that for about the same money a EOS R10 would do you MUCH better than the t8i. It's just a vastly more capable camera. I own an R10 along with a R6 Mark II. If you already have lenses for your DSLR, all you need to do is buy an adapter. Amazon has one for $39. Good luck!

Yes to the above, except I would advise against the $39 adapter from Amazon.  Be safe and buy a Canon brand adapter or control ring. 👍

Bay Area - CA

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" I think it is a worthwhile upgrade for you."


I agree. If you're happy and satisfied with the Rebel format and layout go with the T8i. No matter what comes out in the future the Rebel t8i will still be a capable camera. There is a difference between upgrading and starting from the beginning. The t8i is an upgrade. A mirrorless camera is starting over.

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