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EOS Rebel SL1 vertical lines on display



 I have a rebel that has always been a great camera. Recently I was shooting video and the screen started having vertical lines in it while filming.  I turned off and restarted and it acted fine.  Just the other day I was filming and it did the same thing again this time it would not turn off until I removed the battery.  My video was not on the SD card so it obviously didn't record.  The camera will only turn on now but doesnt really respond to changing settings or pushing any buttons.  I don't know where to even start to fix the problem. 



Check your owners manual for the process to do a full reset which should put all the camera settings back to the original, as delivered state. Does the problem occur when shooting still images or just videos?

Are you using an original Canon battery or a non-oem 3rd party item? Are you using a full size SD card or a micro SD with an adapter? What brand and exact model of card do you have? Did you format the card in the camera before first using it?

Do you have access a different battery and full size SD card you can try in your camera?

I will look for the manual and try.  The sd card is the same full sized card that has been in it for about a year now and was formatted before originally used. The battery is the original one that came in the box.  I have other SD cards but I don't have another battery.  I'm not sure about the reset because, no matter what buttons I push or setting I try to turn the dial to doesn't change the screen to anything besides the screen I put in the post pic.


Well the reset will at least put the camera back to it's known baseline settings. It's just way to easy with today's DSLRs to change certain settings without even being aware of it. Though I must honestly admit that I can't think of any combination of settings that would cause the behavior you're experiencing. But it's best to start with the easiest troubleshooting first.

Do the vertical stripes show up on your prints or monitor, or just on the camera's LCD?

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